How to Use the Armoire Home Grow System for Cannabis

When it comes to the question of the best system for growing cannabis at home, the Armoire is a strong candidate. This is perfectly understandable since the company behind it specifically crafted it while thinking about all the issues and flaws that they found in other setups.

When you are a home grower, you want something sweet and simple. It is different from the situation with commercial growers. It is less about merely growing plants – it should be more about growing them at home!

What To Look For

It is important to find a solution that suits your lifestyle without troubling other people in the house. Ideally, it should also comply with the law in all of the states. It goes without saying that the system should ideally be high yield and low maintenance. Is it possible for a single system to offer all of these things at once? With the Armoire, this has become a reality.

Design Specs of the Armoire

An Armoire looks much better in the living room than a tent. As a single-plant setup, it can be made small enough to fit anywhere. It can be as small as a square of two feet per side, which is perfect for those living in small apartments.

When you opt for a small system, you will have to face other challenges in the form of hot or small lights. It is not quite easy to balance all these elements, but the product has been patented for this reason.

The Armoire generates great yields quickly without much effort. All it takes is to water the plant once per day. This way, you will see an average of a quarter ounce after around sixty days.

Concierge Service

It is important to consider the support that you will get from the company behind the product. Armoire is hands-on and teaches customers how to grow cannabis using their methods. Nearly all of their clients are people who have not grown prior to their purchase.

Final Notes

If you want to grow cannabis to give to dozens of people or make a lot of money, the Armoire is probably not right for you. However, it is the perfect choice for beginners who want to grow their own supply despite their minimal or nonexistent experience.

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