The Best Things to Do When High on Weed

Who doesn’t enjoy hanging out with friends with the weed being passed around? It makes for excellent conversations and improves just about anything in the world from food to music to movies. The possibilities are endless, but here are our personal favorite things to do when smoking weed:


In order to meditate, you need to know what you are doing. Meditation has been linked to lower stress levels and anxiety relief. Get high, relax, and shut your eyes. Let yourself go deep into your own mind and allow your thoughts to flow. Try to relax and forget about any tension, judgment, stress, and attachment. This will allow you to enjoy a tranquil awareness of the present.

Enjoy deep conversations

Grab a couple of friends, smoke together, and have incredible conversations. Ultimately, this boils down to good chemistry and good weed. This is the perfect opportunity to ponder the mysteries of the universe together.

Make art

Getting high is also known to improve creativity. Creativity and weed seem to go hand in hand. Prepare your paints and brushes before you hit the joint. You do not have to stick with painting either because you can also doodle, sketch, or use whatever material you have. Others might want to exercise their creative writing skills. The important thing here is to let your creative juices flow.

Take a stroll

You can appreciate the great outdoors better once you are high. After smoking, simply walk out the door and go on a walk. This will give you the opportunity to take notice of the things that you have previously taken for granted. It also lets you take in just how beautiful the world really is. By the end of it, you might even gain a new perspective on life. We recommend doing this in a park for more impact.


Is there anything better than working out when high? The body high is simply out of this world. It is up to you whether you feel like doing yoga, jogging, or even riding a bike. What matters here is that you can move around and feel tuned into your breathing, heartbeat, and muscles. The rush is incredible. Of course, you should refrain from overdoing it since you want to avoid a head rush and dehydration.

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