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How Does CBD Benefit Athletes During Their Recovery Period?

When you are an athlete, you will eventually suffer from muscle inflammation. It is pretty much a given part of the job. The number of athletes turning to medical cannabis is going up with each passing year. Others dismiss it with skepticism, thinking that it is only a novelty method. This article will hopefully help you understand the benefits of using it as a sports supplement of sorts.
CBD for Beginners
CBD is among the highly concentrated substances of cannabinoids. It holds medicinal properties and therapeutic applications that can improve …

Why You Need To Learn More About CBD Oil

CBD oil is a compound obtained through the processing of the stalks, flowers, and leaves of cannabis. A CBD Tincture offers a lot of health benefits, which is why it is used as a treatment for the symptoms of conditions like Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, and PTSD.
Each year, there are more and more CBD oil users. One benefit is that it does not appear on drug tests since they look for THC in the bloodstream …

Coca-Cola and Aurora in Duscission to Make CBD-Infused Drinks

Canadian-based Aurora is one of the big companies looking to profit from a combination of cannabis and beverages. The cannabis producer might just be planning to make a comeback through a possibly lucrative deal with soda giant Coca-Cola. It certainly sounds like a plan that will benefit more than just those two aforementioned companies.
Coca-Cola is said to be developing beverages infused with CBD. Should it collaborate with Aurora, it looks like the plan will be settled. Mind you, there are conflicting reports about whether or not this deal will come to …

Cannabis Industry in Jamaica Is Eyeing Aggressive Growth

During the 2020/2021 Sectoral Debate in the Jamaican House of Representatives, Hon. Audley Shaw addressed the audience regarding the local cannabis industry. The Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries disclosed that the Cannabis Licensing Authority has received a total of 705 license applications.
The CLA provides regulatory oversight on the cultivation, import, and export of cannabis in the country. Shaw said that it has issued 63 licenses, granted 23, and conditionally approved over 270 applicants. It has also given a total of 15 expert …

The Best Things to Do When High on Weed

Who doesn’t enjoy hanging out with friends with the weed being passed around? It makes for excellent conversations and improves just about anything in the world from food to music to movies. The possibilities are endless, but here are our personal favorite things to do when smoking weed:
In order to meditate, you need to know what you are doing. Meditation has been linked to lower …

Delta-8 THC: A Primer

This is the most support that marijuana legalization has ever seen in the last fifty years. In fact, 68 percent of American adults believe that it should be legal regardless of their political affiliation. Despite this, at the federal level marijuana remains illegal.
The THC potency has been cited as the largest factor behind this. Due to the psychoactive effects of cannabis, it has been classified as a Schedule I drug from 1970 onward. And this is where Delta-8 THC enters. It is said to be a new type that might be legalized.

How Cancer Sufferers May Benefit From CBD

There are numerous health benefits from using cannabidiol or CBD. It is an active compound from marijuana and hemp that, unlike THC, is neither addictive nor mind-altering. Dubbed a miracle compound, it has been used for treatment of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and more. Others use it for cancer as it may relieve its symptoms and treatment side effects.
In this article, we will take a look at the alleged benefits CBD offers to …

How to Use the Armoire Home Grow System for Cannabis

When it comes to the question of the best system for growing cannabis at home, the Armoire is a strong candidate. This is perfectly understandable since the company behind it specifically crafted it while thinking about all the issues and flaws that they found in other setups.
When you are a home grower, you want something sweet and simple. It is different from the situation with commercial growers. It is less about merely growing plants – it should be more about growing them at home!