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Marijuana for Migraines:Effective, Economical, Safe and Forbidden!!

The cost of a migraine headache:

In the

United States, more than 30 million people suffer from debilitating Migraine Headaches. With the stressors of modern living, that number keeps growing as do the billions of dollars migraine sufferers spend on prescription drugs. In addition, forty seven percent of migraine victims also suffer from Clinical Depression, an even bigger multi-billion dollar industry. Obviously, anything that threatens such a lucrative cash cow is understandably to be feared, denied, denigrated and, of course,  prohibited!! Such is the case with Marijuana Therapy which has been employed throughout the world for thousands of years as an effective treatment for Migraines. Its safety, economy, ease of administration, and immediacy of action is denied via propaganda of the multi-national machine. Meanwhile, we have all been duped to accept the ludicrous idea that concentrated poisons concocted in laboratories of profit-oriented corporations are more compatible with the human body than an ancient, healing, earth plant. We even accept that prescribed drugs can cause permanent organ damage! or that an over-dose can kill. The “medical model” of swallowing what the doctor prescribes – however dangerous is shamefully entrenched in the robotic mentality of today’s passive population. (Marijuana alters this conditioning of unconsciousness by its innate consciousness-raising quality so that the person thinks for her/him self. (another Blog entirely)What is a migraine? How does marijuana help? How do prescription drugs work? A migraine is caused by enlargement of blood vessels, especially in the artery below the temple. The inflamed vessels interfere with neighboring nerves, which react by releasing inflammatory chemicals. Pain ensues. Further dilation of blood vessels follows. There is yet stronger pain. The Sympathetic Nervous System becomes over-activated causing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme sensitivity to light and sound and blurred vision.Marijuana Balances the Autonomic Nervous System. For nearly twenty years, the scientific community has known that the Cannabinoid Network in humans (and other mammals) is the modulating, moderating, and regulating system responsible for balance throughout the body. THC and other compounds (called cannabinoids) unique to marijuana, mimic, with uncanny precision and even with increased efficacy and enthusiasm, the natural brain chemical responsible for balancing the Autonomic Nervous System! Cannabis is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-emetic. It is a muscle relaxant and a mild vasodilator that lowers blood pressure. No wonder it helps a Migraine! It soothes the over-activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System almost immediately, with utmost safety! Rather than smoking it, marijuana can be vaporized so that just pure balancing cannabinoids are inhaled, i.e. – no carcinogenic substances. This insures that we breathe better. The Migraine fades as Autonomic Balance is restored. If marijuana is administered regularly, Migraine Headaches are usually a thing of the past – a really frightful scenario for the Drug Companies. Prescription Drugs suppress, anesthetize, and poison the body – just a little. Scientists don’t know exactly how Migraine Drugs work. One theory is that they somehow change interactions between specific brain hormones. Another theory: the drugs affect the arteries directly. And yet another theory: decreased production of specific, inflammatory hormones. Rather than breathing better as with Marijuana Therapy, these “medications” have warnings of inhibited breathing. Heart rate can become too fast or dangerously slowed. Drowsiness, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, loss of stamina, insomnia, nausea, depression, memory loss, impotence, dry mouth, difficulty urinating and blurred vision are all listed as side effects. Marijuana Therapy has no such discomforts or dangers. It is safe, effective, proven over millennia, easily grown, simply administered, economical, and has, as its most prominent side effect (according to the Institute of Medicine) a general feeling of well-being – which is forbidden!!

January 10th, 2008


Marijuana has been shown to diminish the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by improving the functioning of the impaired brain.

  • Alzheimer’s patients feel restless, confused, often without appetite, hopeless, insomniac, agitated, angry, isolated and depressed.
  •  It costs a tremendous amount of money to take care of an Alzheimer’s patient because there is no effective treatment and the patient requires constant care.
  • The number of people with Alzheimer’s keeps growing and will become epidemic in just a few generations.


The brain of a person with Alzheimer’s disease is blocked with years of sediment. Its oxygen supply is reduced. It is actually losing mass and shrinking, causing messages to get lost or garbled. Believe it or not!!  Scientific experiments have PROVEN that one of the marijuana “cannabinoids”- stops the build-up of brain plaque. This knowledge is actually three years old! But no one is reporting the potential benefits. (2005, Journal of Neuroscience, research conducted in

Spain). Marijuana compounds have strong anti-inflammatory properties, are very compatible with our brain chemistry, and inhibit plaque formation which, of course, helps the brain to function better. Marijuana also helps brain functioning by its dilation of brain capillaries which increases oxygen levels – which aids in the relaying of brain messages. Confusion decreases! That is a wonderful result!

Marijuana benefits the victim of Alzheimer’s disease through relaxation of muscular tension which allows for deeper breathing, better circulation, ease of digestion and greater brain function. Feelings of restlessness are transformed as tension in the muscles is released, leading to a restful mood. Marijuana Therapy slows down the breathing which in turn relaxes the patient – physically and mentally. The agitation and poor attitude of Alzheimer’s victims are lifted with Marijuana Therapy because the helpless and hopeless feelings that accompany poor oxygenation and tension in the body are lessened. Marijuana enhances the appetite so that the person with Alzheimer’s disease feels like eating – a complete turn-about from the non-interest in food so common with the Alzheimer’s patient. Being motivated to eat, having a positive attitude, enjoying tasting one’s food – all work toward lessening frustration.  Anger dissipates with the deep breathing that accompanies Marijuana Therapy. Of course, depression is lifted. Yes Marijuana Tea, patch, smoke, cake could help our elderly. Why are they being denied? There is no modern, safe, effective treatment for Alzheimer’s – let us give Marijuana Therapy its rightful place as a superior medicament, an uplifting and safe recreant, and even a nurturer of the spiritual realm that defines a humane civilization.

December 16th, 2007



By studying 1000 students, the latest science shows that the students who employed marijuana regularly had better grades. How can this be? considering all the government propaganda to the contrary? Well propaganda is defined as distorted information that is purposely and systematically spread. The lies about marijuana are completely distorted and certainly spread to mislead the public. For five thousand years, there is undeniable documentation that the human race recognized and utilized the benefits of marijuana for the body, for the mind and for the spirit. But now, even though all modern science demonstrates unquestionably the wonders of marijuana, the propaganda keeps on going and going and going. We all know it is for the profit motive that the benefits of marijuana are kept secret. This natural, so easy to grow plant is bad for business, even though it is good for people! That students have better academics with marijuana!! many of us are not at all surprised. The more astounding news is that brain cells actually are sparked to grow with marijuana. Now that is amazing and exactly the opposite of what we have been told. But just as we suspected considering the feeling of well-being that is the marijuana experience!! Controlled scientific studies have demonstrated that marijuana causes neurogenesis within brain cells. That is – the growth of brain cells. That would mean we actually see better, think better, hear music better – as has been stated by so many who have experienced the benefits of marijuana. This is big news! It should be on the front page. Let’s get the truth about marijuana out to the world!!


December 2nd, 2007

Benefits of marijuana continue to be proved

The inundation of undeniable truth concerning the benefits of marijuana is fast approaching the mainstream grave misconceptions just like a tsunami – the escalating mountain of evidence that marijuana has boundless benefits for the well-being of the members of the human race is burying the lies that have been instigated and maintained by the money and power interests of the multinational corporations.

Never mind the hundreds of respectable medical studies that have demonstrated without question, marijuana’s ability as a superior palliative remedy for so many modern diseases, now marijuana has even been shown to be helpful to the developing young adult’s ability to socialize and excel at academic performance. Yes!!, that’s right, last week we were given the results of the longitudinal and broad-based Swiss study that demonstrated the beneficial results of marijuana for young people in all aspects of their lives. Against all the fear-mongering and all the accepted ill-promoted misinformation, that’s right – the study demonstrated that the use of regular marijuana is good for teens. Those young adults who participated in the marijuana consciousness with regularity and over the course of time, were actually better at academics, better at feeling comfortable with their peers, and even better sportsmen and women. Well what do you know!! – The kids have been ahead of the studies all along. Their knowledge has sprung from open-minded experience and connectedness to the essential intuition that is inherent in us all – but is all too often – denied or ignored by the mature adults in the society, for reasons that are too numerous to list but which are all motivated by fear. In today’s new age of everything imaginable – the elders who should have wisdom are instead imprisoned by their own old beliefs, habits and fears to the detriment of what is needed most in today’s new world – tolerance and understanding. Marijuana is the plant of peace. It is the plant of higher consciousness. The youth are not yet jaded, thankfully. They have seen the vision – bigger than what our civilization teaches. They know that the environment is threatened by the man-made technologies. Through the regular re-connection to the earth via a molecule of vegetation of the highest consciousness, the young people today have been employing the aid of the marijuana experience, despite what has been touted as science – but which has been transparent to the acute perceptions of the youth. Marijuana has benefits for all aspects of personhood that encompass the physical, psychological & even the spiritual dimensions. This latest study is just one of the particulars conducted under the auspices of stringent scientific methodology which seeks to measure the performance and health effects that occur with marijuana. And as with all the particularized studies having to do with the effects of marijuana – it is/ has been/ and will be consistently proven that marijuana is beneficial- for the body, mind and spirit of the person. Each of the modern studies imparts just one of the nearly limitless benefits to be derived from marijuana (in any number of imaginable delivery methods) for the citizens of the planet. Smoke it, vaporize it, eat it, drink it, use it in a patch, a suppository, a pill – dissect it and utilize only parts of it – copy only parts of it – regardless of what science has been able to imagine to test – every time – marijuana can be shown to have benefits for the person.

But today’s scientific method is reductionistic, time consuming, expensive and never quite gets to the bottom line- which is simply - marijuana benefits the body, mind and soul of anyone who partakes of its nourishment regularly. It is good for us – when we are sick, when we need creativity, when we feel disconnected, depressed, in pain, without breath, out of control or in turmoil. Just a few weeks ago, there was the ironic and very positive result on the effects of smoking marijuana over the long term. Lo and behold! the results suggest quite clearly that not only does marijuana not contribute in any way to impaired lung function or to any cancerous propensity whatsoever, but in fact, marijuana actually diminished the incidences of lung cancer – in the population that utilized marijuana regularly. That’s right! Smoking marijuana helps the lungs. It prevents cancer of the lungs. (It expands the lungs – which means it expands the capacity for increased oxygenation to the entire being, which is a topic in itself.) And now we have the well-deserved proof that employing marijuana as a young person helps social, academic and athletic prowess. No real surprise! – unless you bought the stacks of lies put forth by the government that swore there were those weapons of mass destruction. The young people know the truth – at that gut level of knowing that adults continuously move further away from with the passing years. Marijuana balances the autonomic nervous system!! That is why it is the experience of well-being. That is why – it helps the young adult to cope in this crooked world. And for that very amazing effect alone – marijuana has untold benefits for the health of the whole person, which can be evidenced in how well the social adjustment is, how well they perform academically and athletically. But – the truth of this majestic and easily cultivated ancient herb’s extremely compatible and most beneficial interaction with the human organism – has been hidden by purposeful lies – for money and power – which should also be No Big Surprise. But now – the truth is out. Marijuana is good for the mind, good for the body and even good for the spirit. It is the most utilized illegal substance in the whole world – so there is a huge body of the population that knows the truth. Marijuana is an aid to superior oxygenation of the organism by its expansion of the full complement of the muscular-neuronal-respiratory and circulatory axis of the living human being. So it is good for the lungs, good for social and academic excellence, and one of the more recent studies – that has not been touted – but is certainly an amazing fact – the brain actually does get bigger with marijuana. We grow new brain cells!! It’s called Neuorgenesis – and it happens with marijuana – hold that thought and what it means til next weeks talk. And we mustn’t forget the topic of Halting Cancer with marijuana and what that means for so many who share the marijuana experience.

November 24th, 2007

Marijuana is wonderful

Whether you suffer from a physical or mental dis-ease, or simply wish to live longer. EVery study with repeatable results comes to the same conclusion, marijuana does not cause you harm, and does help, from brain tumors and Multiple sclerosis to stress Marijuana can help.

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November 5th, 2007

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October 18th, 2007